IPC Leadership


Dr. Murthy, chairman. Founder of MGRM. The Famous Indian American education strategist, philosopher, thinker, inventor and doctor. Also a successful investor and entrepreneur. He owns more than 100 patents, 200 trademarks and over 50 professional licenses. As a billionaire, he owns more than 100 companies.


Dr.Michael Matwick, president. Founder of PINNACLE. A famous American educator. Member of Arizona State Board of Education, former president of the National Federation of Remote Education. He established five public high schools, a Remote Education Cooperation, and an International Secondary School.  As a  Ph.D. of US educational leadership, he made great contributions in educational digitalization and standardization.


Dr. Martin Ma, Maryland Governor’s Commissioner 2006-2012 Expert Panel Member Chang-Jiang Scholars & Professors Programs, China Ministry of Education   Review Panel Member, US National Science Foundation (NSF) MD State Attorney General’s Council President International Consortium for University Exchanges Co-Chair, MD BRAC S&M Business Advisory Board – IT/Telecommunication Subcommittee


Professor Perry worked in more than a dozen universities around the world in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, and served as president and executive vice president of international exchange affairs. He is an expert engaging in international education, cooperative education, student / professor exchange, and academic exchange for 35 years. Dr. Perry is an influential educational strategist in Academia in North America. He has a very wide range of contacts with the Educational Community and government agencies in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Professor Paley is one of the main founders of the ICUE. He is the ICUE Executive Chairman and project director of IPC International High School.


Professor James Wilson, Bachelor of Financial Management, University of Illinois, and Master of Public Relations and Government Policy, University of Texas. Former Executive Director, Bureau of International Policy and External Relations, and former director of Budget Committee, Department of Energy, USA. He served as a senior supervisor in the Department of International Exchange, Department of Education, and in the Department of International rescue, US Department of State. {System and network resources???} Professor Wilson is one of the founders of ICUE. Professor Wilson’s team is mainly composed of retired senior executives from the US Department of State, the Department of Education and the Department of Homeland Security. He is responsible for the Union’s external publicity, I-20 application qualifications and international student visa.


Professor Mary L Marh, Bachelor of Public Administration, New York University, and MBA, Columbia University. She had long served as Assistant Vice President in charge of International Student Affairs, and Director for the Office of International Students in many prestigious US universities. Professor Levin is an expert consultant in international education and exchange, international students and professors exchange project. She also served as an expert in a number of US professional consultant agencies for international exchange. She has maintained good long-term relationship with thousands of universities in the United States. Professor Levin joined the University of Sino-US alliance management team in 2009, as Vice Chair and Director in charge of university relationship in the US. Professor Levin’s professional team is responsible for facilitating the admissions of outstanding international students (recommended by our League) to world-class universities in the US and around the world. Her team is also responsible for helping those outstanding students to apply for scholarships.