Welcome From IPC Presidents

Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to the ICUE – ASI US Diploma Program in China (IPC). We are delighted that you are looking into enrolling in the IPC program and we invite you to get to know us better. It is our hope that IPC’s special qualities will come to life through these images and words. As you will see, our advanced digitalized curriculum yet traditional classrooms, equipped with cutting-edge technology based content, state-of-the-arts learning tools, and the best teachers in your area, will fost the joy of learning and nurture the quest for excellence and exploration. We draw upon the rich historical, cultural, and scientific resources of IPC to extend learning beyond the classroom. Our IPC international community helps to build lifelong friendships among students and creates an environment where teachers are a vital part of each student’s daily experience. Small classes provide the opportunity to challenge students to think critically and express themselves. Above all, the campuses of the ICUE ICUE – ASI IPC program in China are chosen for contributing to a peaceful, healthful, fun place to learn and live. Yet, each school is there to challenge each student to become the best student they can possibly be. After three years of extensive and professional training by our world-class teachers, through your hard work, intelligent learning, and sucessfully complete the IPC program, you will receive an US Official US High School Diploma of which is the exact same as what all American high school students have, then you will come to the United States to study at one of the world-class universities which you are dreaming. You will be an American University student. The very best way to experience the ICUE – ASI IPC program is to come to visit the most convenient campus near you and meet our students and faculty. After exploring our website, we hope you will plan to join us soon. I wish you all the best success in the IPC Program in China, Dr. Martin Ma President, ICUE – ASI