What is the IPC Program?

gallery-11The ICUE MGRM Pinnacle International High School US Diploma Program in China (DBA: IPC) is a program that is fully authorized by MGRM Pinnacle Education Group and MGRM Pinnacle International High School. International Consortium for University Exchanges (DBA: ICUE or ICUE-USA) is an exclusive partner and official representative with all rights and permissions to promote the IPC program in China by MGRM Pinnacle Inc. The headquarters of MGRM Pinnacle MGRM Pinnacle International High School is located in 20 Broadway, New York City, NY, USA, and its Education and Teaching Research Development Center is located in Pheonix-Tempe, Arizona, USA; The headquarters of ICUE-USA is located at the Rockville Technology Innovation Center in Maryland, which resides in a suburb of Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. MGRM Pinnacle International High School and the IPC program have been accredited by the AdvancED and North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCACAS) since 2004. Just as Advanced stated in its accredited certification: “As an accredited school, MGRM Pinnacle International High School is granted all the rights and permissions to issue credit for courses and to issue the American High School Diploma to successful graduating students. Also, the school is recognized by Colleges and Universities world-wide.” MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. is an educational technology company that also provides comprehensive end-to-end software products, solutions, and services, supporting the entire educational domain from pre-K to university on a single integrated platform. MGRM Pinnacle has been developing state-of-art and cutting-edge education technology – M-Star LMS system. M-Star LMS is a highly-intuitive educational platform that supports the entire learning spectrum; including traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, all models of blended learning and fully virtual online course delivery. M-Star LMS is a user-friendly system that provides a single view with access to all the important parameters a user needs to achieve educational success. M-Star LMS is one of the best educational management tools in the world.