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Teaching Duties Although teaching duties vary from one school to another, the average teaching load ranges from 18 to 24 hours of instruction per week. The majority of courses to be taught are from the “IPC MGRM Pinnacle International High School US HS Diploma Program in China.” (See the Program Curriculum in the program brochure.) This includes English composition, reading, writing, US history and government, and American literature. Some teachers may be asked to teach non-credit bearing courses that prepare students for a standardized English exam, such as TOEFL or IELTS. In this case, appropriate curriculum will be supplied by the participating school. Teachers are expected to write lesson plans, take attendance, correct homework and assist in academic counseling when needed. The IPC program uses the MGRM Pinnacle M-Star learning management system (LMS) or its upgrade, the Learning Support Platform (LSP). Teachers will go through a training regimen August 26-29 to learn how to use the LMS/LSP and tips for teaching in a blended learning fashion.

Following are the requirements needed to qualify for teaching in the IPC program:

  • A Master or Doctoral Degree in the United States , a US high school teaching certificate, or to be in enrolled in the USC (or any accredited American Universities) MAT program, already completed degree in the United States or scheduled to complete the degree by or shortly after a China appointment
  • An Undergraduate and Graduate GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Teaching experience of 2 years is mandatory (either full-time or part-time teaching is counted).
  • Three recommendation letters are mandatory:Native language must be English.
    1. one must come from the school principal where he/she taught courses in last three years,
    2. one must come from his/her professors at their graduate school
    3. one must come from a previous employer that he/she had worked more than 6 months
    4. All recommenders must provide their contact information, including a daily telephone number and email address so that ICUE can verify the information.
  • 11 month commitment beginning late August 2013
  • An excellent command of NATIVE written and spoken English
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity or study abroad experience
  • Completion of the Teacher Application Form, including a 300-500 word essay outlining your reasons for wanting to Teach in China
  • A $100 application fee (non-refundable). This fee is waived for USC applicants.
  • According to Chinese government regulations, a health examination, is mandatory for all foreigners in order to obtain a work permit for China.
  • A signed copy of your Passport bio-data/photo and legal information page

Teacher Application Form

IPC Online Teacher Application Form (English)