Why IPC program

  • The IPC program is certified to have oversea education qualification by authorized accreditation organization acknowledged by The United States Department of Education. Students graduated from the IPC program will be issued American high school diplomas, and have the same school rolls and academic status as American students.
  • American well-known high school management system.
  • Advanced digital teaching materials and courses
  • Small-class with famous native and foreign teachers’ 100% English teaching.
  • The IPC program students to apply for American university don’t need English scores, apply for famous university just need SAT/ACT test scores.
  • IPC program students use the high quality materials, fully in accordance with the United States standards of the teaching, the students’ quality is the same as American students, their English listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially the ability to communicate, expression level, writing ability is identical with American students, IPC program improve the students’ practical ability, to enter the United States university without adaptation time.
  • When IPC program students after graduation, all students through the platform by ICUE (International Consortium for University Exchanges) and professionals experts from ICUE team will help them enroll to the most suitable university.
  • ICUE with 69 members of the university and 500 cooperation universities, it has enough chance for students.